Many times, you find yourself confronted with these insects which attack your lumber. Your furniture is also the target of these xylophages This process is natural because wood insects love and live in wood. Specific solutions for the treatment of furniture exist!

Indeed, your furniture is easier to be attacked by Capricorns, wood beetles, termites, and in some cases, even by dry rot. Against a wall, on the floor, wood attracts these insects. In certain situations, furnishing them can contribute to the evolution of wood-eating fungi which also feed on wood cellulose.

What Treatment for Damaged Furniture?

Treating furniture is not the same process as treated lumber. Indeed, relatively thin and fragile, the furniture cannot withstand drilling and injection. Here are three types of effective and harmless treatments for your furniture.

High-Temperature Treatment of Furniture (THT)

This treatment is ecological and resistant to humidity and insects. The means used for this process are heat and water vapor. Indeed, the furniture is in an oven at a temperature between 392 to 518 ° F. During this process, water vapor is vaporized so as not to ignite the wood. Much used by architects and designers as well. This technique allows them to give a light brown color to the wood.

Cold Treatment of Furniture

The cold treatment of furniture, also ecological, consists of treating your recent or old furniture, massive or not, at low temperature. The furniture is stored in a cold room for about twenty hours at -9.4° F. Then, the temperature rises over the same period, to avoid damaging the wood. This technique can treat and kill insects, larvae, and eggs present in your furniture. This technique is widely used in museums in Spain to protect collections. At the end of this process, it is still necessary to apply a film of pest treatment products!

Treatment by “Whitewashing”

The treatment of furniture by whitewashing is a treatment process that you can do yourself or by professionals. Indeed, depending on the type of wood, and your furniture, this process may be sufficient. You simply have to brush your furniture with a suitable product using a brush. 

Large-area products do not have the same concentrations as products used by professionals. This method can eradicate the problem immediately, but you are not immune to it in the future. Be careful though, because if your furniture is attacked it is not impossible to find pests elsewhere!

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