Keep Your Puppy Entertained While Traveling

If you own a cockapoo, it is your duty to accompany, live and entertain him. However, you will be close, there are many times when you will have to separate from him for a few days or even weeks. If some breeds more or less tolerate loneliness, understand that it is never pleasant for a dog to be alone. To better live his absences, he will have to learn to distract himself in solitude, without going through boredom and sadness.

Let’s look at some of the ways to keep your dog entertained while you travel!

Gradually Accustom Your Dog to Being Alone

Everything is a matter of habit in the dog, even when it comes to leaving him alone. In order for your pet to better cope with your absence, you must approach it slowly. You are absent abruptly for several hours would be too difficult for him, especially if he belongs to the breeds that are least lonely tolerant. He may then begin to adopt problematic behaviors and develop a state of stress.

Thus, it is advisable to begin to accustom him little by little to stay alone. Be away for about ten minutes and then come back. Do this repeatedly, extending the durations, until you reach the number of hours you will usually be absent.

Give Your Dog a Toy

To combat boredom, nothing like a good toy capable of distracting your pet. On the market, dog toys are very numerous and varied, choose one that is suitable for you. If he doesn’t seem to understand the principle or have fun, teach him to enjoy the game better. Play in pairs, do repeated exercises and reward him with a treat when he has acted right.

Your dog, as you play, will associate the object with a feeling of well-being. When you are away, he will no longer be alone, but in the company of his toy.

TV and Music

Who said that sound and image can only be enjoyed by humans? These are great ways to keep your dog busy while you’re away! As long as you do not slip away too long, you can make your sweet pet listen to music. However, it is worth sorting out a little beforehand. Music that is too aggressive and too rhythmic is counterproductive, it will tend to stress the dog more.

Play soft music, classical music style for example. When you have found the song, play it on a loop. Unlike us, dogs enjoy a repetitive melody.

Besides sound, you can also turn to the image. Television is a good way to keep the dog busy, and even to de-stress him! Action movie or comedy, TV show or theatrical show, it doesn’t matter. As long as the images move and scroll, the dog appreciates them. Some TV channels are entirely dedicated to dogs, so you can use them.

Beware of Excess Treats

Some people tend to occupy their pets by hiding treats everywhere in the house or garden. This is an exercise that keeps your dog busy while using his faculties to develop them.

If these exercises can be effective in keeping the dog busy, they have a dangerous setback. The latter concerns food. By multiplying treats daily, your cockapoo quickly finds himself overweight! Therefore, avoid resorting to this solution too often.

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